How to Vegetarianize Almost Any Recipe

How to Vegetarianize Almost Any Recipe

Every once in a while we all crave an old recipe that we enjoyed before we converted to a vegetarian diet. It might be something simple, like a tuna salad sandwich, or something more complex, like beef bourguignon. Simple or complex, you can recreate some of those flavors and textures with the right protein and flavor swaps.

For example, you could use crumbled tempeh instead of ground beef. Then, pick the best flavor swaps, like seaweed to create a faux seafood broth.

If you’re ready to start experimenting in the kitchen, I’ve listed below the most common swaps used to create vegetarianized recipes.

Step 1: Select Your Vegetarian Protein Swap

BeefSeitan; portobello mushrooms
Ground BeefTempeh; mushrooms and lentils
Flaky fishFirm tofu, frozen and shredded
BaconTempeh sliced thin

Step 2: Choose Your Flavor Swaps

BeefSoy sauce and mushrooms; dark miso; or a combination of all three. (Works great for meatloaf, sloppy Joes, meatballs, etc.)
Beef BrothDashi; miso; molasses and sherry vinegar
SeafoodSeaweed (either nori or kelp); Old Bay Seasonings (excellent combined with kelp and lemon); capers
Fish stock and brothLight or sweet miso broth; vegetable stock and sea kelp; seaweed and mushroom stems
Bacon (smoky flavors)Soy sauce and vegetarian Worchestershire sauce or steak sauce; liquid smoke

Keep in mind that vegetarianized recipes won’t taste exactly like the original, but some of the textures and flavors will come through like the original and scratch that craving.

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